Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Flower Flower

Paper flowers make wonderful Easter gifts for mothers, grandmothers, aunts and any female family member or friend. If you want to go with traditional Easter flowers, you have a few to choose from. The traditional Easter flower is the white lily. It is a beautiful flower with a Christian meaning. The white lily represents Christ coming back to life 3 days after his crucifixion. If the recipient of this Easter flower is a Christian then they will not only appreciate the beauty of the flower but the meaning as well.

If you were looking for an Easter flower than has less religious overturns than perhaps the narcissus would be a better choice. The Pussy willow is also a common Easter flower however, given by its self it is not very attractive so if you were making paper flowers for a centerpiece including the pussy willow would be a much better idea.

Many paper flower makers are deciding to go with spring flowers instead of the specific Easter flowers and that is fine too. You can use the tulip, orchids and amaryllis as they all make wonderful corsages and fit beautifully in centerpieces.

When making flowers from crepe paper you are free to make any color you like. Many spring flowers in nature come in pastel colors however, with spring it brings a lot more sunshine and you can make a very bright and colorful centerpiece or corsage if you would like. We do not recommend a centerpiece with both pastels and bright colors; you really need to choose either pastels or bright colors. The bright colors will "bury" any pastels you may have in a centerpiece.


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