Monday, 3 June 2013

Rose Flower Garden

The rarest of rare roses are said to be a green rose, the Viridiflora, and the darkest rose in the world, the Nigrette. Blue, purple, and black roses are the newer varieties of rare roses which are entirely created by man - hybridized in lab settings in some cases. The blue rose especially is said to have been developed in Japan in 2004 by inserting, into the DNA of the rose, the genes of the pansy and the iris and turning off the rose gene that prevents production of the bluish pigment. These roses are very expensive.

I love roses and I especially love seeing them in a garden setting where you can meander through them or sit quietly among them. There are many beautiful rose gardens throughout the country and some are right in our backyards. I've seen many and each one has a unique character of its own. Sort of like a good wine... the rose garden takes on the personality of the person that cares for it as well as taking on a character based on design, color and texture. The opportunities to create a beautiful rose garden are plenty and you are only limited by the space in your yard.

Whether you have limited space or plenty of room, you can design a peaceful and inspirational rose garden where you can grow the perfect garden rose. This can be a place where you can unwind at the end of day to sip on your favorite wine while admiring all your planning and implementation. This can also be a place where you can show off a little to your friends and family - where they can see your creative side in your garden as it flourishes. Can you hear the ooohs and aahhhs?

Designing your garden usually begins with visiting a few gardens in person so you can see firsthand the detail that's put into them. Some are very sophisticated while others have a more pastoral look. This is your garden - you get to decide on the look you're after. Once you've seen some gardens, start making notes of what you like and don't. What colors do you want to see in your garden? Do you want a path going through it? How about a bench where you can sit for awhile? A trickling water-fall is always nice and the birds will thank you for that, too. Do you want an archway leading into your garden?

There is more to consider... after you've made your list, start to visualize how your garden will look. You can make a rough sketch if you're comfortable with that. Walk around the area where your roses, ornamentals and garden accessories will go. Now, take your original list and modify it - this is where you will get serious. You have to select roses that will fit nicely in your available space - take time to research which roses will work best. A little extra in the beginning searching for the right roses will make your experience with your garden a pleasant and rewarding one.

Find out what climate zone you're in and then check the growing instructions (attached to the rose you're considering) to be sure that it will thrive in your zone. This is a very important and easy-to-do step - it could make the difference between a flourishing rose garden and one that never looks quite right.

A rose garden will require care and maintenance, but the effort is worth every drop of sweat. Just think of the end result - you'll be enjoying a serene successful garden - and getting the praise and recognition of those that visit. Now that will be fun!